K: World Childhood Foundation – Bridging the Gap: Mobilizing the powers of both Trust-based Online Support and Specialized Services for child victims of sexual abuse and violence

The workshop is hosted by World Childhood Foundation, which works to stimulate, promote and develop supportive environments and solutions to prevent and address sexual abuse and exploitation as well as violence against children. Qualified professional support is imperative to allow a child who has suffered sexual abuse overcome the trauma and heal. Stigma, shame, threats, lack of knowledge and lack of trust in the system are some of the obstacles that prevent children from seeking professional help. Peer-support networks for survivors of sexual abuse and individuals who publicly disclose experiences of abuse tend to create trust and identification with other victims who often contact them to share their stories and seek support. How can we bridge the gap between these two worlds? How can we best understand and mobilize the powers, abilities and limitations of both the Trust-based and the Specialized services to ensure that children both feel comfortable to share their stories and seek help and that the help provided is based on evidence and professional experience?

L: Slachtofferhulp Nederland – Reaching out to vulnerable victims of crime: practical and creative approaches

The most vulnerable victims are usually most difficult to reach. Characteristics that render people vulnerable to victimization of crime, also prevent them from reporting and seeking help. Are you in need of inventive and practical approaches to reach this group? Do you have good practices to share? Join this workshop, where we apply tools to map the ‘roads’ and networks of different categories of victims to identify spaces, times and people that offer opportunities to connect successfully to these victims. The objective is to develop new and better outreaching strategies to make a difference for vulnerable victims.

M: JUUUPORT.de – peer counseling online. Young people offer advice and help regarding cyberbullying & data fraud

JUUUPORT wants to contribute to a safe and respectful internet. Adolescents having problems online or having questions about topics such as cybermobbing and cyberbullying can anonymously contact the JUUUPORT-Scouts. The Scouts, girls and boys between 15 and 21 years old, are experts and professionally trained to help their peers. Their advice is free of charge. In addition, the Scouts represent the project in public and media. They give workshops, interviews and write articles about current online trends.  Susanne Rödiger (Project management media education), Lennart Sörnsen (Press officer/Editor)

N: The Salvation Army – Safe Havens, Perspectives on Rights: A good practice on how to reach out with social and legal support to undocumented victims of human trafficking

The ‘Safe Havens’ project focuses on the identification and (re)integration of non-EU victims of trafficking and builds on the The Salvation Army’s capacity and network of relevant NGO partners and stakeholders in anti human trafficking work in Europe. The model “Perspectives on Rights” is a Dutch model, carried out by the Salvation Army’s Meeting Point in Amsterdam’s red-light district. Its objective is to strengthen the position of a victim of human trafficking with the help of combining elements of time and trust with tools of legal and social support to undocumented victims of human trafficking towards a future in safety and freedom.

Since 2015 Perspective on Rights have supported over a 130 victims (men, women and women with children) from third-countries. All clients have received perspectives on the their rights, legal and social support and more than 50% of them have received some form of legal permit to stay in The Netherlands. Now the model is being replicated into the Swedish context. During 2018 The Salvation Army Sweden, in partnership with two specialized Law Firms and volunteers, has established a Trafficking Drop-in Center in Stockholm, trying to reach out with information, advice and access to victim’s human rights in a safe and suitable manner to enter the national referral mechanisms and national support program given by Sweden.

O: NATAL – Reaching out to victims of trauma through raising public awareness and de-stigmatization

There are many known barriers for help-seeking among trauma victims, including lack of awareness of resources, shame and stigmatization. Raising awareness of resources, prior to traumatization occurring can help remove such barriers. The presentation will demonstrate NATAL’s comprehensive Public Advocacy Program to addressing trauma before, during and after a traumatic event occurs. Short video clips will be presented to help illustrate the multi-faceted approach. NATAL’s overarching mission is advance the resiliency of Israeli society through treatment, prevention, public awareness, and research.